About Me

I always have loved photography, but I didn’t get into it until 2012. My family and friends always believed I had a raw talent and encouraged me to take it forward. Brimming with enthusiasm, I held an exhibition which showcased some of my photos. It was welcomed very well and I even managed to sell several prints. It gave me such satisfaction meeting people and talking about my interest in photography. I realised, at that moment, that this is what I really enjoyed and wanted to take it further. I enjoy travelling which means I love taking landscape shots as well as experimenting with black and white pics. But weddings are my real love!

Every wedding is different and that’s the excitement! Every couple adds something different.

Every wedding has its rules and in some ways you know what’s going to happen at any given time… and yet really you know nothing! I love being there to capture their day and the moments that are being created; from the nervous bride getting ready to the anxious groom awaiting her arrival. You’ll never find me in the way trying to be centre of attention. I don’t run around telling people what to do, hauling flashes and umbrellas from room to room trying to ‘set up’ shots. I try and walk in with a sense of camouflage. I capture the moments as they happen without the guests even knowing.

I don’t need to tell anyone what to do as they’ll already be in place; dad walking his daughter down the aisle, bridesmaids following, the family and friends, taking the vows, the all-important kiss, even the best man’s speech! I’m there to capture these moments because they’re the moments that matter and the moments that need to be remembered.

I’ve captured many a moment and would love to capture yours!